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You never knew your 3DS could do this: Browser.
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Started by Winter Icefox
27 Feb 2012 02:48
Winter Icefox (370)
27 Feb 2012 02:49
On the 3DS internet browser:
Tap a image for 2 Seconds.

Hylianzombie234 (199)
27 Feb 2012 03:19
I tried it out. I did not know that it could do that.
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DethDude (1205)
27 Feb 2012 04:13
I knew that awhile ago... :p
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eddypikachu (31)
27 Feb 2012 23:30
What happens? I dont have a 3ds!
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Rainbow-Dash (25)
27 Feb 2012 23:35
You get a cursor.. Knew that a long time
In Ten seconds flat.
DaChosenUno (136)
28 Feb 2012 00:14
You get a cursor to highlight, and you can save/view pictures. Old news. /lockrequest ???
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Winter Icefox (370)
28 Feb 2012 03:40
Nope, it saves images.
Only .Jpg thought.

Lots of people don't know about it...
Kion127 (848)
28 Feb 2012 05:11
The thread could be used to post secrets of the 3DS. Doesn't really need to be locked. (Don't have a 3DS, just saying)
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