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What is the worst and best Xbox/Xbox 360 game you have ever bought?
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Started by Viper007
29 Jan 2013 09:57
Viper007 (1)
29 Jan 2013 09:57
Geminoid (50)
29 Jan 2013 17:21
Best: Portal 2. Bro and I are still working on co-op and single-player.

Worst: I don't really have one. .-.
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MoldyLunchBoxx (34)
21 Feb 2013 18:06
I can't decide overall so I'll just list them by genre.

Best: Borderlands 2

Worst: Call of Duty Black Ops II. Hated it more than Black Ops, no clue what I was thinking

Best: Oblivion

Worst: Fallout: New Vegas
For some reason I just despised this game. 1,2,3 and Tactics were much better.

Best: Spelunky

Worst: I only have Spelunky

I think that's it.
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Death9 (20)
30 Jan 2014 04:41
Worst minecraft

Best Grand Theft Auto 5
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MIMtheHERO (4)
10 May 2018 17:33
Best: Skyrim Elderscrolls

Worst: Sonic Unleashed

Sonic the Hedgehog is good though.
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Nearan-Nadorian (23)
05 Dec 2018 06:57
Worst: Any FPS Game
Best: Any Game I Can Play Without The Assistance Of Energy Drinks/Drugs

But Forza Horizon 3 and 4 aren't bad tbh, pretty fun for a Xbox Game.
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Gemini Guardian (2545)
21 Jun 2019 01:16
The distinguished MIMtheHERO spake:
Best: Skyrim Elderscrolls

Worst: Sonic Unleashed

Sonic the Hedgehog is good though.

sonic unleashed is a good game ;-;
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