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"Zeitgeist: Nintendo DSi Browser"
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Started by Jack10
21 Mar 2016 21:07
Jack10 (1375)
21 Mar 2016 21:09
While browsing /r/nintendo, I found a blog post that talks about the heyday of the DS and DSi internet browsers. It's a pretty interesting read, and it mentions our website, so I thought I'd post it here.

8 years on SDK
Jack10 (1375)
21 Mar 2016 21:10
8 years on SDK
M.J kInG (1334)
29 Mar 2016 15:15
This is not suitable for 3DSBroswer.
A true developer
TulipsOfLove (8)
10 Oct 2016 06:50
Appears to be down.
ryansan2 (1)
27 Jan 2019 01:49
The distinguished Jack10 spake:
I had forgotten how to use BBCode, so here's an actual link.

how do you add the links?
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