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Killzone2 ps3
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Started by M.J kInG
10 Mar 2011 02:14
M.J kInG (1334)
10 Mar 2011 02:15
hello guys do any u have killzone2 on ps3 i have a clan

if u like to join plz contact me on my page or send me a messages
A true developer
10 Mar 2011 02:28
You can't send messages because they need to add you as a friend. and no. i don't have that game. and i don't own the ps3.
Shh… I can't take you seriously. We're on 3DSPaint, bruh.
M.J kInG (1334)
19 Mar 2011 00:24
ok tell peoples who have kill2ps3
A true developer
chewie19 (143)
26 Jan 2013 01:00
i have it
until we meet again
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