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What Are Some Good PS2 Games?
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Started by SunsRgr8t
28 Mar 2011 16:40
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SunsRgr8t (73)
28 Mar 2011 16:42
Yes, I still use a Playstation 2. So, does anybody know some good games for it?
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11Drago (685)
28 Mar 2011 18:43
Call Of Duty is an ok game.NFS most wanted is ok as well.
Nz360OVERKILL (261)
28 Mar 2011 21:21
Star Wars Battlefront 2 is good enough. If you like star wars, that is.
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Skittles (1292)
29 Mar 2011 00:08
Some great ones are:
-Time Splitters
-Beyond Good & Evil
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Sai Drawings (1223)
29 Mar 2011 00:14

Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II

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Limxzero (5320)
29 Mar 2011 01:03
I felt that Final Fantasy X and God of War were fantastic. Keep in mind GoW is rated 'M'.

@miss2fly That's PS3 actually.
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Skittles (1292)
29 Mar 2011 01:08
@miss2fly This is for PS2 games, not PS3 games.
It's my job to help the next generation, and set a good example for them. And for that I'll gladly lay down my life.
SunsRgr8t (73)
29 Mar 2011 04:13
I have Battlefront 2 and Kingdom Hearts. Also, I'd really like to find a good 4 player first-person shooter.
Leggo my Lego!
MetalHeart (1172)
29 Mar 2011 09:11
GTA: San Andreas
Luisjo96 (3153)
30 Mar 2011 17:49
nfs most wanted, nfs carbon gta san andreas , dbz bt3 ,dbz budokai 3
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shugo chara (183)
30 Mar 2011 21:27
hmmmm i like sonic
Nephew (484)
30 Mar 2011 21:51
the Jak series
Walk Into My Mystery
Justin96 (599)
03 Apr 2011 20:17
GTA:San Andreas, God of War, Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix
Limxzero (5320)
03 Apr 2011 20:34
Oh, and I do recommend that you check out the Armored Core titles. Great customization and third-person action.
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Madboyz11 (408)
02 Feb 2013 01:31
Celebrity Deathmatch. NFS: Underground 2.
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Jinjoscar (130)
09 Feb 2013 08:47
The Jak and Daxter series, along with the Ratchet and Clank series. Be sure to check out some of the cool Nick Games like Tak and the Power of Juju, and Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom. I would also recommend the Spyro series, since that iconic purple dragon is awesome. There's also the Sly Cooper series, and the GTA series. My list goes on, but those are the top PS2 games.
Ab Ticket.
DripDrop (149)
16 Feb 2013 18:54
Destroy All Humans 2 is the best game ever.
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xuchilbara (1)
21 Feb 2013 12:46
surpised no one has said any of the 「King of Fighters games, Silent Hill 3 & 4, Metal Gear Solid 3, Shadow of the Colossus, Resident Evil 4, Hitman series」 ←All top rated games
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MoldyLunchBoxx (34)
21 Feb 2013 17:53
Silent Hill 2, 3, and 4. Face it, Silent Hill 2 was great because it failed so much. Have you ever made fun of a game like that before? Final Fantasy X, X-2 [Just for closure on X] and XII. XII doesn't get the attention it deserves. Definitely get Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. Now my personal favourate is Klonoa 2 but that one will run you a good $30-50.
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Quesadilla (368)
23 Apr 2013 02:22
I honestly thought there would be more Final Fantasy posts..
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