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Admin/Mod Powers


1.) You can tell me if you think a member should be kicked out.

2.) You can warn members if they're doing something against the rules.

3.) Admins have more power then mods because they can report mods if they see them doing something bad.

How Do Powers Work:

Well the name pretty much explains itself. Powers give the mods and admins power over the users much like the rest of Dsipaint does. However, just like on the site, anyone caught abusing their powers (Example: Reporting an innocent person, or caught abusing the rules) will be either demoted or kicked from the group. Like if I accidentally kick someone because of a mod/admin than that ranked person will most likely be both demoted and kicked. But if they're caugt abusing rules the'll most likely just be demoted down a level or two.

Don't abuse your powers!

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