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Sorry people im re-doing this whole group xD

This group is for all of you animal lovers out there! Anyone can join, just ask!

There are a few rules in this group so make sure you obey them :]
no spamming
no swearing
no inappropriate posts
no disrespecting other members

if you break any of these rules you WILL be kicked.

Also, anyone who wishes to write a group page, feel free :] just ask me :]

thanks! a.smith

Group Pages
Giant pandas webcam! (posted by a.smith)
help for taking care of puppys (posted by a.smith)
Koalas!!! (posted by CuddlyKoala)
Panthers (Posted by: Dragonfire114)
Pika! =D (by R. du C.)
Track a fox! (posted by a.smith)

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