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Hull ya doof you missed some bugs
Avatar By Finrod
17 Jul 2017 16:24
Category: Bug Report
Remember when you added that icon, on the top right. It only previews your icon when you're on the Home screen. If you go to groups or anything else in general you get the default avatar not your custom avatar you made. Another glitch is when you view someone else's comment section list, Your avatar doesn't show but the other person's avatar actually shows up on the top right.

As you can see in the link below i performed the glitch right on you and your icon shows up as mine.
Status: Resolved
Avatar Finrod
at 18 Jul 2017 15:30
That 2
Avatar Luisjo96
at 18 Jul 2017 07:48
Not only this but on the birthdays section the members show online no matter what, take for example the birthday guy from yesterday, he was last online like 8 months ago but yet it said he was online the entire day :u
Perhaps the online symbol it's used to mark something else there?
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