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Avatar By Gemini Guardian
01 Aug 2017 02:51
Category: Complaint
I really dislike how the help desk helpers just send one reply, that is rarely helpful and then just close the question, like can you please let the person who asked the question to reply to say if they need more help or what?

Also for the most recent question that TheLegend27 submitted, that was answered badly, just click the dsipaint/3dspaint logo, it'll take you to the home page from anywhere.
Status: Resolved
Avatar Thi500
at 01 Aug 2017 03:13

Actually have a good question.
Avatar Luisjo96
at 01 Aug 2017 03:10
Now you're gonna be like I wasn't trying to help you before? K then ;-;
I try doing my somewhat best even when you people ask extremely silly stuff, there's never going to be a way to unsend anything.

Also the legend's last help desk question wwas absolutely dumb spam shit so dunno what ya talking about, how could we help him theree, also I'm pretty sure he knows the obvious, plus he never even replies when we comment.
There's no point on leaving it open forever, if it's a pretty good suggestion we usually just leave it there open for our lord to seeeee, I don't know, just blame thi cuz he's satan obvs :n
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