OverlorDS Bottom stats?!?
Avatar By Tomthesk8r
18 Sep 2017 03:28
Category: Bug Report
Uhh on OverlorDS I bought like $150000 worth of pallet of doctor peppers now my stat bar where my caffine and site rep and battery have gone down to my bottem screen, can someone tell me whats happening and wil hull fix it?
Status: Resolved
Avatar Tomthesk8r
at 18 Sep 2017 05:23
I have never had to deal with it until about 1 month ago
Avatar oswaldo123
at 18 Sep 2017 05:15
Well I don't know too much about that OverlorDS™ game but I do know it is old. This bug you are experiencing has probably been in the game for years now. Hull is a busy man and I don't think he will ever update and fix anything on that game ever again.
Avatar Tomthesk8r
at 18 Sep 2017 03:29
Its weird can u tell me?
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