Why the new BB?
Avatar By banjo2
29 Nov 2017 21:48
Category: Other
Why the new BB? The old one seemed fine. Bugs with the system?? Or was it just too "bloated"? And why is it on a system that isn't very DSi friendly? (ples don't say "don't use dsi", i'm pretty sure that defeats te purpose.)
Status: Resolved
Avatar Luisjo96
at 29 Nov 2017 23:16
Well Hull was trying to modernize the BBs with a slick new design and features, they are kind if updated ya know, but for some reason he decided to do it separately on his other site which was kind of a bummer for lots of people, thing that just killed the old BBs even more, the new one wasn't too successful, just yet. But then I thought to myself whoever made a new section on his page instead of trying to update the ones we have was more happy about it than I was to see the old BBs cry in a corner because of the neglecting *Total of the happiness in the page increased*, so whatever.
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