Account password restore fail
Avatar By Gemini Guardian
19 Jul 2018 21:25
Category: Request
"Incorrect verification parameters"

The message I see every time I attempt to restore the password for the account 'Suisei'

I have tried using the email use on my account, but the same message is displayed.

I CAN wait until it is fixed, no big deal. I have been waiting months, and months, after all.

But, if it is too much work to fix the restoration system. Is there any way at all, other than the restoration feature-- to restore the password for an account?
Status: Resolved
Avatar Thi500
at 14 Aug 2018 02:21
There isn't another way

It must be done with the lost password system, which is currently broken along with the entire login/sign up system, so you're pretty much out of luck
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