What if you wanted to go to heaven, but god said: Error one more recipitant required.
Avatar By Finrod
20 Jul 2018 20:48
Category: Complaint
Smh why are PM' replies sent to a blank user when i blatantly click "reply" to a(n) already existing message sent by someone else.
Status: Resolved
Avatar Luisjo96
at 29 Jul 2018 03:15
Avatar Finrod
at 27 Jul 2018 20:03
Thank you Kanye, very cool.
Avatar HullBreach
at 27 Jul 2018 12:02
The PM system is going to be one of the first major updates in the new community overhaul.
Avatar Finrod
at 23 Jul 2018 21:02
25 robux to access the recipitant.
Avatar Luisjo96
at 23 Jul 2018 21:00
Get gud fin
Avatar Finrod
at 23 Jul 2018 20:59
Waldo get off your phone for once lol
Avatar Finrod
at 23 Jul 2018 20:58
it's even more annoying when you're on dsi and you type out the entire navy seals copypasta, and click send but it doesn't save your message.
Avatar Luisjo96
at 23 Jul 2018 20:56
This has happened to me but because I didn't let the page load correctly before typing like crazy and trying to reply
h e c
Avatar oswaldo123
at 20 Jul 2018 20:52
Uh this never happens to me. I'm not sure
Avatar Finrod
at 20 Jul 2018 20:50
Probably no fix for this as of the moment, but waldo or someone pitch a fix to this to a certain individual will ya?
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