Blogs are broken (in multiple ways)
Avatar By banjo2
30 Nov -0001 00:00
Category: Bug Report
After the recent age rating and UI update for blogs, some (blogs) have been rather odd.

For one, styling no longer works. I know that styling always seems to get a blog's feature request denied, but this disallows people to hide text in their blog, as I mentioned in my NotIGN blogpost.

And, images are cut. Rather than stretching the page or shrinking the image, images are just cut off at the right side. This can be seen once or twice in oswaldo123's "Happy Birthday, Zen!".

And, a third abnormality, text has disappeared in some blogs? This smilies list http://dsipaint.com/memberblog.php?blog=59904 has a lot of the smilies missing. I know it used to have more than those few.

Status: Resolved
Avatar HullBreach
at 06 Sep 2018 00:25
The styling is fixed. I still have work to do on many other aspects of the blogs. There will be a better way to attach images in the future, so any issues with images are temporary.
Avatar Luisjo96
at 05 Sep 2018 17:57
Is not that anybody cares, there's like 2 - 3 people that can actually Access the coding and fix things, one of them being Hull.
Avatar PieIsCool
at 05 Sep 2018 14:41
What bothers me is that nobody seems to care.

Wish I could help but I ain't Hull.
Avatar banjo2
at 01 Sep 2018 04:26
Also, I can't seem to select an age ratng on DSi. Both 3DSPaint and DSiPaint.

And, on that topic, guidelines for the age rating system would be nice.
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