Can there be an option to disable smilie/emoji convert?
Avatar By Hazel3
13 Nov 2018 22:26
Category: New Feature
Just sayin' that not everyone's an emoji fan as I prefer to stick with them good old text faces. Was wondering if there could be an option to disable emojis for only when you type. Like for example, everyone else still use smilies/emojis but when you choose that option, you can only use the text face which them text faces are seen by everyone too. But you can still see their emojis. Sorry if my explaining ain't very good enough, I find it hard to explain things and I'm kinda new and sorry if I'm rude or anything.. :< It kinda similar to that option on Discord Chat settings. Hope this was a good idea and sorry that I talk alot... ^w^;
Status: Open
Avatar banjo2
at 29 May 2019 05:14
On this topic, it'd also be nice if they'd automatically be turned off for the /link command and [ a ], as sometimes a link won't work because of them. If that's possible, that is.
Avatar HullBreach
at 15 Nov 2018 12:37
I could add an option to cover up the custom emojis in the community,but that wouldn’t block the UNICODE ones that modern browsers inherently support.
Avatar oswaldo123
at 13 Nov 2018 23:02
Forgot trying to show people that is buggy. But just read the blog yourself Apologizes for the mess up -w-
Avatar oswaldo123
at 13 Nov 2018 22:58
This feature doesn't exist at the moment but HullBreach (the creator of this place) could possibly make it one. I'm right with you on the emoji thing, I don't like them either.

But around most places here, which doesn't include chat rooms so like blogs, profiles, groups, etc.. you can use BB code to cancel out an emoji, for example using : ) would make an emoji without the space but if you use some code in between it like (no spaces to activate BB code) it would appear normal without the emoji like this :)
Also credit to the member banjo2 for that little trick.

I'll leave this help desk open until Hull has some I'm put on it.
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