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Avatar By Gemini Guardian
17 Nov 2018 16:12
Category: Request


is it possible to restore any messages that were erased from a perma-ban?

or are deleted messages forever gone and are never able to be restored?
Status: Resolved
Avatar HullBreach
at 13 Jan 2019 03:30
I've checked the automated server processes. Messages from accounts closed more than a couple months ago have been purged.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
at 25 Nov 2018 13:46
august 2018*
Avatar Gemini Guardian
at 25 Nov 2018 13:46
they're from around march 2017 to the beginning of august

and i requested a perma-ban for personal reasons
Avatar HullBreach
at 23 Nov 2018 12:55
How old are these messages, and why were they part of a permaban?
Avatar oswaldo123
at 22 Nov 2018 20:03
It's proably been purged already since they're from August.
Avatar Gemini Guardian
at 22 Nov 2018 14:33
would it be possible for you to restore my past messages?
Avatar HullBreach
at 20 Nov 2018 12:17
It depends on whether or not deleted messaged have been purged or not. When most content in the community is deleted, it’s simply flagged to be hidden from view. A script periodically takes deleted content and permanently purges it to keek the database clean.
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