CSS codes// BBCodes
Avatar By Sun+Moon
11 Jan 2019 14:42
Category: Request
so i've studied html coding and i know a few css lines.
I was going to put in a picture for my profile background using this code
(- = square brackets)
- style -
body {
url ( "insertfilehere.jpg ");
-/ style-

i put that in my bio - no space- and it did nothing when it works for other site's i've made// currently making.

So how do i actually do it? without the help of someone else, i'd like to do it myself =D
same problem for the color codes

Status: Resolved
Avatar Divine Crusader
at 12 Jan 2019 12:55

<style type="text/css">BODY{background:url(https:test.jpg)

</style >
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