Perma-banned page
Avatar By Divine Crusader
18 Feb 2019 00:53
Category: New Feature
Could we possibly get a page detailing recently perma-banned accounts?

With a time span of about 1-5 days?
Status: Resolved
Avatar HullBreach
at 23 Feb 2019 23:05
The page is ready. There may be some future tweaks for sorting or filtering options, but the core functionality is in place.
Avatar HullBreach
at 23 Feb 2019 19:02
I'm about to start working on this. I will show all bans and have pagination. It will exclude accounts that were never verified to filter out the bots.
Avatar Asparagus
at 18 Feb 2019 16:11
I like this idea. I feel like this page shouldn’t include accounts that are disabled through the Admin New Members page, just because there are so many bots that we disable on the reg.
Avatar oswaldo123
at 18 Feb 2019 05:32
Oh yeah good shout, I second this
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