Help please?
Avatar By cdog3789
24 Mar 2019 21:37
Category: Complaint
On dsi, In "dark mode" On the friends list, there are some names you can't see

Also other places on the site, the text is too light to see in dark mode
Status: Resolved
Avatar TulipsOfLove
at 25 Mar 2019 23:36
Dark mode is still being worked on. It'll take time as Dan (Hullbreach) is manually repairing a bunch of old server side code. Once that's all taken care of things like the dark mode will be easier to complete or work on.

Not to mention development is slow because Dan has back pain that prevents him from sitting to long, a family and work to tend to all outside of this project. So things will take time.

I'm marking this as resolved. If you have further concerns or questions. Feel free to leave me a comment on my profile and I'll hey hack to when I can.
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