Are groups EVER gonna be fixed?! Like seriously?!✋❌
Avatar By Finrod
13 Jun 2019 22:22
Category: Complaint
You know:

-How you can't reinvite people. (I've got multiple people, especially newcomers who have no clue how groups work and accidentally decline requests, you can imagine the user unsatisfaction).

-One click deletion for groups,shouts,etc. (Sucks dick when using any device, Dsi, PC even, and especially Phones Aka:Undoubtly one of the top accesses for the site, we even have an APP for it??)

-⬆️The above statement is literally applicable for every feature on this site:Blogs,Bulletin boards,Groups,PM's (Bruh sound effect)

-The bugged symbols that hide ALL notifications (Ask Banjo2 I'm not posting that crap)

-What happened to all the old "Group ideas" that was proposed: like public groups! And obviously updated invites???

Status: Open
Avatar Finrod
at 24 Aug 2019 20:53
Avatar banjo2
at 23 Aug 2019 20:10
Also, Sketchpad is still broken. Not sure if that's something anyone would use, but yeah.

And it's only on 3DSPaint, but maybe that's because DSi limitations? I don't know.
Avatar Finrod
at 25 Jun 2019 02:44

Thank you Randy, your response has been recorded.
Avatar Rlad116
at 25 Jun 2019 02:42
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