admin abuse
Avatar By heaven.is.a.joke
06 Aug 2019 04:50
Category: New Feature
is there a way to report abuse of admin power? I have experienced quite a few who have ridiculed myself and others based solely on our opinions. there should be a way to view which admin is speaking.
Status: Resolved
Avatar Asparagus
at 06 Aug 2019 13:55
What was the subject? I know personally last night there was a lot of suicidal talk and we had asked people to calm down with it because it wasn’t appropriate. There were no bans last night but it’s really NOT appropriate to talk about. So there was no admin abuse in that situation.

If it’s something else, which i think it is, they shouldn’t be ridiculing you but remember we are basically just kids and people too, and as long as no admin powers were actually used (ban, kick, etc) then it’s not admin abuse.
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