my account got hack
Avatar By Dsi gamer
14 Aug 2019 01:06
Category: Complaint
i was afk in the chat because i needed to clean my room whean i got back evryone start getting mad at me i did not know untill i scroll down i see that someone else just log in as me and starting to chat saying inapropeate stuff i told theam the truth it was clearly not me but they ban me and i dont know what to do now the hacker just hack my acount and they just got me baned
Status: Resolved
Avatar Asparagus
at 14 Aug 2019 02:07
He didn’t get hacked. Insert major eye roll here.
Avatar banjo2
at 14 Aug 2019 01:12
As per the ToS, if your account gets "hacked", that's on you, as your account was insecure, or your device.

Although I was not present in the chat, so, I'll leave this open.
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