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Avatar Super Burrito
19 Jan 2010 15:39
↑fail. just fail.↑
Avatar Im_a_Dreamer
12 Dec 2009 16:26
wow. thats just terrible.
Avatar Reverse
10 Dec 2009 21:54
Dude, go to the principal. She could get fired for that. Especially the "retarded" part.
Avatar SoulSilver
10 Dec 2009 20:54
hocs post scrubbed
i dont mind being classified as nerdy. people at school classify me and my friends as emo's n goths -_- ITS PRETTY CLEAR THAT WE ARE NERDS! or at least both >.> crappy kids and their broken clique-dar
Avatar AgentZ56
10 Dec 2009 20:26
I hate when stuff like that happens. It's good to know, though, that I can depend on my friends to cheer me up when ever I'm down.
Avatar Wazup65
10 Dec 2009 20:13
im sorry dude, that was just going waay to far.Next time if she does that, say: "you know what they say, teachers LOVE to make kids act how they do" xD
Avatar SenseiMasterZ
10 Dec 2009 20:02
Thats Messed Up!!!
Avatar Skwerl
10 Dec 2009 18:03
A tragic day for nerds everywhere *plays grays anatomy theme*
Avatar princess Z
10 Dec 2009 17:59
-_- people these days,i just cannot believe 'em...
Avatar Lunarwolf
10 Dec 2009 17:59
My teachers HATE me, & I did NOTHING to provoke their hatred...
Avatar Super Burrito
10 Dec 2009 17:20
Yeah, I know. It put me in a terrible mood for the rest of the day.
Avatar pokemonmaster54
10 Dec 2009 17:19
thats mean and offensive
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