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DSiTabs now has Favorites and Blogs


Avatar smalls
13 Dec 2009 11:34
Added a button when you want to open a new tab, a button when you want to change a URL, and the home button.
Avatar iamdjk
13 Dec 2009 09:49
You need to make favorites come up in DSiTabs, smalls. /:
Avatar smalls
12 Dec 2009 23:13
I've updated the news post about the latest updates.
Avatar StuffMan
12 Dec 2009 21:05
I`m on DSiTabs right now! XD
Avatar smalls
12 Dec 2009 20:46
lol Thanks guys.

As an update, I got the Blog system posting working. Now, I'm off to make it show the blogs. I'm still not finished with the Blog Creation page, but it's basic components are complete.

By the way guys, the blog system is the base code for the Favorites system. I just haven't made it be able to show the links/blogs yet. I'm on that right now.
Avatar JaMmIeSpLoGe123
12 Dec 2009 14:38
Thats nice. :3
Avatar cuckooclown101
12 Dec 2009 14:24
12 Dec 2009 14:21
cool, sounds good
Avatar iamdjk
12 Dec 2009 13:14
Thanks, smalls! Keep up the great work!
Avatar SenseiMasterZ
12 Dec 2009 12:38
YaaaaaY itll be awesom
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