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Chess with Magic and Swords - Final Fantasy A2: Grimoire of the Rift Review


Avatar Finrod
22 May 2019 16:03
Went back to play it couple of months ago, the gameplay is still amazing and fun as it is. The story is kind of ****tier then i remembered, and the side quests loose story and are kind of forced into the game as filler, i love the “side-stories” the Red King/ Blue King/White King/ Black King/ and Green King quest was amazing, and hidden characters and the scion amulets were big highlights! Although NGL you get to a point where the game gets a little boring with side quests and repeats, it would be really fun and honestly a 8/10 OVERALL if it was less generic in the story and the filler quests had actual touch to them, Wish it was longer too.
Avatar warthogonastick
09 Jun 2011 05:35
It's like chess, haha love this game! the laws are what make this game... "fun"
Avatar GaRdETto
30 May 2011 09:16
but i always break the law...
Avatar GaRdETto
30 May 2011 09:14
I love this game!
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