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Entrance to Shop of Dreams OPEN


Avatar therobloxmaster
23 Jul 2019 02:48
*crashes into shop with ferarri
Avatar Dsi gamer
13 Aug 2019 13:18
In reply to therobloxmaster
;-; hello;-;
Avatar Dsi gamer
22 Feb 2019 02:41
Avatar Dsi gamer
29 Oct 2018 01:42
*screm to da cafe with shoping cart*
Avatar Dsi gamer
29 Oct 2018 01:45
In reply to Dsi gamer
Avatar momsam2001
18 Aug 2014 03:25
Avatar bambaci10
10 Mar 2014 13:46
Avatar sumaiya-a
05 Feb 2014 16:19
Avatar arcadefan2007
01 Nov 2018 13:16
In reply to sumaiya-a
steal everything it has
Avatar PieIsCool
25 Jan 2014 19:25
Avatar SmashedDreams
22 Oct 2013 03:37
-Grab sledgehammer- Time to Smash some stuff.
Avatar dsidsi
07 Oct 2013 15:56
salut comment ca va ?
Avatar Saubes
15 Sep 2013 13:22
"how i get items"
"cool how i get items"
"how do get"

↑ Blog comments in shellnut.
Avatar Mike7090
27 Aug 2013 00:35
I don't like how you get signed out when you click on a link...
Avatar TacoRocco
27 Aug 2013 00:37
In reply to Mike7090
You don't get signed out. You are just technically sent to a new site. Log in when it takes you to the new page and you should be ok for the rest of the links.
Avatar Mike7090
27 Aug 2013 00:39
In reply to TacoRocco
Okay, thanks.
Avatar Mike7090
27 Aug 2013 00:31
Whats the point of this?
Avatar TacoRocco
27 Aug 2013 00:38
In reply to Mike7090
It's just something to do. It's also somewhat like a sampler for people interested in making blog games. This is to show what different things you can do when making a blog game.
Avatar Mike7090
27 Aug 2013 00:40
In reply to TacoRocco
Okay I see, btw I like the maze one!
Avatar The alicorn 3
26 Aug 2013 18:37
I'm an alicorn
Avatar Rlad116
13 Aug 2013 07:00
Avatar TacoRocco
14 Aug 2013 02:06
In reply to Rlad116
Avatar SkaterGirl13
13 Aug 2013 00:46
You should make a pet section with mixtures of pets. There could be Snarks(snakes mixed with sharks), Chickats(chickens and cats), Firds(fish and birds), etc.
Avatar TacoRocco
13 Aug 2013 00:50
In reply to SkaterGirl13
This is a department store, not a pet shelter.
Avatar SkaterGirl13
13 Aug 2013 00:50
In reply to TacoRocco
Avatar Gamergal11
08 Sep 2013 18:32
In reply to SkaterGirl13
There should be pets I would buy one.
Avatar SkaterGirl13
08 Sep 2013 19:59
In reply to Gamergal11
I know right.
Avatar Cutie4
23 Sep 2013 04:12
In reply to SkaterGirl13
If it's okay with Taco I'm going to make a pet store... Called 'Yum Yum Dog Treats'. The reason for the name is because I have a business called Yum Yum Dog Treats in real life so... yeah
Avatar SkaterGirl13
23 Sep 2013 04:13
In reply to Cutie4
Avatar Cutie4
23 Sep 2013 04:19
In reply to SkaterGirl13
↑That's what it will be once I have permission from Taco to make it public.
Avatar SkaterGirl13
12 Aug 2013 15:25
I got logged out when I clicked "Back to entrance" in the Candy Isle. Is there any way to keep me logged in as I explore the store?
Avatar TacoRocco
12 Aug 2013 15:31
In reply to SkaterGirl13
The way I coded it, the links go to dsipaint.com, not www.dsipaint.com. It's weird, but they are treated as different sites, so make sure you are logged into dsipaint.com. Sorry if this sounds a bit confusing, but it's hard to explain.
Avatar SkaterGirl13
12 Aug 2013 22:14
In reply to TacoRocco
Okay. o-0 I'm kind of confused, but I'll try it using DSipaint.com.
Avatar TacoRocco
12 Aug 2013 01:07
If anyone has any ideas for products that I can add to the store, let me know. Draw a picture for it and try pitching it to me. Who knows, the store might start stocking it.
Avatar Shinestar
13 Dec 2011 02:24
Quoth Lucas7:
Did anyone else notice a dusktard cost a honey bunny and a honey bunny cost a dusktard?

It smells horrible!
Avatar Lucas7
12 Dec 2011 13:01
Did anyone else notice a dusktard cost a honey bunny and a honey bunny cost a dusktard?
Avatar LinkZelda
02 Sep 2011 16:25
That is actually quite clever having 'isle' instead of 'aisle'.
Avatar janessarules2
23 Aug 2011 22:01
can i plz join its awesome
Avatar farway
27 Jul 2011 01:57
I requested the electronics isle.
Avatar TacoRocco
22 Jul 2011 03:46
We now have an Electronics Isle! Enjoy
Avatar Attacman77
06 Jul 2011 17:58
Taco, I'm building a city for your kingdom. This shop will, with your permission be on the high street. Please, if possible, could you add a link from this blog back to the high street. Here is the URL for the high street:
and the link:
Avatar Dude Guy
01 Jul 2011 05:27
I honestly loled while viewing these. great job, my friend.
Avatar TacoRocco
30 Jun 2011 15:58
i actually came up with this concept months ago and it took me a few hours to make this
Avatar unit12
30 Jun 2011 05:56
FINALLY! soneone else did something like this. its just like my interactive story i worked on for a week and posted months ago...check it out
Avatar Dark Bomb
30 Jun 2011 05:05
Avatar Darkstarm
30 Jun 2011 04:49
+1 btw
Avatar Darkstarm
30 Jun 2011 04:47
Heh the Shop of Dreams is so epic though! I can help with art too
Avatar Darkstarm
30 Jun 2011 01:13
Add a pets isle
Avatar Attacman77
28 Jun 2011 22:11
Could you possibly add a 'Gaming Isle' and add an image of the Aftermath game box, linked to my blog? That would be really cool. I understand if you don't want to, though...
Avatar Sprite
25 Jun 2011 00:14
I could use some fireproof matches lol.
Avatar Dedode3
24 Jun 2011 22:36
i want an "hotcat" and an "hammerburger" lol
Avatar Damonterox
24 Jun 2011 21:39
i want puddin rocks,fire proof matches,and fanglings *gives 2 empty marshmellow bags,5 half-eatin blocks,1 rubber band and]a bottle of musterd*
Avatar GleeoK
24 Jun 2011 20:36
lol, this is creative XD
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