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Love Poem


Avatar Axel3000
25 Oct 2013 09:14
Ignoring the grammar, this is beautiful. +1.
Avatar swimblondie326
06 Nov 2011 22:35
hey i have a love series called "Love And Other Four-Lettered Words", you might wanna check it out.
Avatar PasserByGuy
06 Nov 2011 22:20
Not bad and better grammar.
Avatar xXesmeraldaXx
06 Nov 2011 17:00
how is thi s featured and not mine :b by the way this is really well written and from your heart .
Avatar xForbiddenLove
06 Nov 2011 07:00
Aww cute
Avatar Ajk 89
06 Nov 2011 06:51
This is wonderful, and you can really tell its from the heart. Good job.
Avatar M.J kInG
06 Nov 2011 04:11
Hope you guys like it i really took this from my heart
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