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What should you do on a gameshow which offers either a goat or a car as a prize?


Avatar bloodofgore
15 Jan 2013 02:44
Free goat milk thumb
Avatar Luisjo96
15 Jan 2013 02:40
hu well...


screw this .
Avatar jsa005
15 Jan 2013 00:12
Baa./Beep. Choose one.
STAY/SWITCH Choose one.
Avatar OmniOmega
15 Jan 2013 00:01
Keep the goat.
It will eat the grass on my lawn and give me cheese...if I learn how to make it. It will be my buddy lol.
But the car, well, No. It costs more money than a goat. Insurance, Gas, etc. while a goat may need some food or something.
Avatar chewie19
14 Jan 2013 22:45
Avatar Asparagus
14 Jan 2013 22:29
If you choose a goat, and decide you'd rather have the goat than the car, you are not crazy.

Take the goat. Milk the goat. Save up all the profits from the goat milk for about four or five years.

Buy new used car.
Avatar bloodofgore
14 Jan 2013 22:29
thumb I prefer the goat.
Avatar DripDrop
14 Jan 2013 22:07
I'd rather have a goat.
Avatar a.smith
14 Jan 2013 21:53
Everyone knows this. I don't see the point in making a blog about it since its just common sense.
Avatar phararulez
14 Jan 2013 21:28
Quoth Coldud:
What about llamas?
Same thing I'm saying.
Avatar LinkZelda
14 Jan 2013 19:00
Quoth HullBreach:
What if I want two goats, one for each arm?

Avatar HullBreach
14 Jan 2013 18:58
What if I want two goats, one for each arm?
Avatar Kingpin
17 Apr 2012 04:08
I thought I was reading nonsense at first, then I read the comments and I had to reread it. Cool.
Avatar Princess Konata
16 Apr 2012 07:48
Keep the derpy goat or try for a Honda.Just curious but what would you guys choose?
Lawl, I'm just curious.
Avatar LinkZelda
16 Apr 2012 06:30
Quoth purplepandafish:
"forced to have the car."
Well spotted.
Avatar purplepandafish
16 Apr 2012 03:23
"forced to have the car."
Avatar OmniOmega
16 Apr 2012 01:32
I'm not understanding this. :c
I feel left out. xD
Avatar Mrs. Lovett
15 Apr 2012 23:52
Quoth Mrs. Lovett:
I hate it when my coconut can't decide whether or not it should migrate or not!

Awesome, frivolous restatement!
Avatar Mrs. Lovett
15 Apr 2012 23:46
I hate it when my coconut can't decide whether or not it should migrate or not!
Avatar Nope.avi
15 Apr 2012 12:01
I remember learning about this one back in Middle School. It was pretty cool.
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