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Why has Eye3DS been down recently?


Avatar lilwayne1556
13 Nov 2012 12:22
I could possible like buy a better host but I'm trying to save up XD I'll see
Avatar jsa005
12 Nov 2012 07:55
Quoth Moulder:
Well, at least it wasn't a DOS attack like me and you were talking about a few days ago. I hope your guys' site gets put back up soon, and good luck.

Meh, it was up for a bit during this, so it might have been a DOS too.
Avatar Luisjo96
12 Nov 2012 03:22
i was wondering what happened, thanks dood
Avatar HullBreach
12 Nov 2012 00:42
I have allowed this to be featured so that members of both communities can be alerted to why Eye3DS is down.
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