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Satirical History Paper: The Ancient Geeks


Avatar Siling-La
20 Jun 2019 08:26
haha. but you forgot to cite your sources. lol. but, seriously...
Avatar Finrod
21 Jun 2019 23:44
In reply to Siling-La
Is this supposed to be a formal paper? In sure the word "satirical" says it all here.
Avatar Siling-La
22 Jun 2019 01:03
In reply to Finrod
I know. I was just wondering were his information came from.
Avatar LinkZelda
20 Jun 2019 21:26
In reply to Siling-La
15 year old me was not very aware of good academic practice lol
Avatar cdog3789
18 Jun 2019 23:26
Koff water displacement koffkoff
Avatar Dumplings
07 Jan 2013 01:50
Very interesting, I was confused by the title, but now I get it X3
Avatar Lucas7
03 Jan 2013 22:36
Sees title, misreads as Greeks. ill read it later.
Re-reads, sees geeks, PARODY BLOG HERE I COME
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