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New JSiVi feature coming: a meme generator!


Avatar jsa005
18 Jan 2013 15:33
The final version will have a swear filter, so no bad words!
Avatar Dude Guy
18 Jan 2013 12:10
Heh, that's pretty cool.
Avatar Luisjo96
18 Jan 2013 05:46
this is awsum
Avatar DripDrop
18 Jan 2013 01:53
Avatar jsa005
17 Jan 2013 01:23
The demo is done. Click the link at the top.
Avatar jsa005
17 Jan 2013 00:56
Quoth Liam1213:
Wooo Epic!!! I Been looking for one on google..but now i have jsivi
I actually have most of it finished, only the uploading bit. I'm making a demo NOW!
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