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What is the mass of light?


Avatar ianoliver604
02 Feb 2013 15:30
Very interesting.
Avatar GleeoK
31 Jan 2013 22:10
Nice blog! I may hate Algebra itself, but I like Physics (theory), Astronomy and Cosmology. I have a troublesome relationship with equations although I love what they do for our lives and the awesome scientific findings :3
Avatar jsa005
31 Jan 2013 11:48
I actually understood this blog.
Avatar PinoyBest13
31 Jan 2013 05:12
Watch VSauce. I think they explained something about this.

And yes, gravity DOES affect light.
Avatar Ethanh
31 Jan 2013 03:19
It's a upside down y
Avatar Luisjo96
31 Jan 2013 01:54
42, 42 is the answer to everything.
Avatar chewie19
30 Jan 2013 22:00
0-0 what the what
Avatar bloodofgore
30 Jan 2013 20:00
Avatar HullBreach
30 Jan 2013 17:54
Gravity does effect light. Just look at the relative position of distant stars before and during a solar eclipse. They have a visual dilation because of the way Sol bends the light with its gravitational pull. That is the premise of Einstein's Theories of Relativity and was proven over 100 years ago.

It was a good blog, just factually incorrect in the closing..
Avatar jsa005
31 Jan 2013 11:46
In reply to HullBreach
By the way, for those who don't know, Sol is the sun. XD
Avatar LinkZelda
30 Jan 2013 18:31
In reply to HullBreach
Avatar Raisons du Coeur
30 Jan 2013 17:23
I don't get the joke D:
Avatar TacoRocco
30 Jan 2013 17:13
yay math +1
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