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The Ultimate n00b song (bump)


Avatar AlphaTr1force
24 Feb 2013 19:43
Where's the wubs?
Avatar Raisons du Coeur
23 Feb 2013 22:07
Avatar DripDrop
23 Feb 2013 16:32
Tech is a her.
Avatar jsa005
23 Feb 2013 16:47
In reply to DripDrop
23 Feb 2013 14:21
Cant tell if using sarcasm, or srsnss.
Avatar Asparagus
23 Feb 2013 15:11
In reply to TBreezy2
Avatar Waffle King
23 Feb 2013 08:15
It's a song about noobs.

This definitely has not been done before.

No one on this entire site has ever done this type of thing. Ever.

You've revolutionized blogging. A modern day Steve Jobs.

Decently written, and apparently no one writes blogs that much anymore, so featured.
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