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Germany 1918-39 - Hitler Creates a Totalitarian State


14 Jun 2013 23:59
If im use the Adolf Hitler name for a general poll is cancelled... But if we make various blogs about the II WW is not bad? ._.

Well, anyway good blogs.
Avatar SirQuinn
10 Jun 2013 02:02
So, Hitler must of been pissed when Jesse Owens showed up.
Avatar LinkZelda
10 Jun 2013 05:09
In reply to SirQuinn
He refused to give him a gold medal.
Avatar Waffle King
09 Jun 2013 22:10
And then Jesus descended from the heavens. And so, Hitler and Jesus had a duel to the death. Jesus won, naturally, as he's a Super Saiyan.
Avatar Qwerty678
10 Jun 2013 22:31
In reply to Waffle King
Hilarious, Considering There's A Manga For Both WWII And The Bible.
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