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Hatenagain: Flipnote Hatena is returning! Devs wanted!


Avatar s.lee.f
09 Jul 2013 00:03
i dont understand how to set it up on dsi. i click the link and theres just an everlasting blank page how do i set it up from the app?
Avatar jsa005
09 Jul 2013 00:27
In reply to s.lee.f
It hasn't been released yet, and the server host went down.
Avatar PieIsCool
01 Jul 2013 12:24
link never works
Avatar jsa005
02 Jul 2013 09:20
In reply to PieIsCool
The VPS host got hacked and the hacker deleted all the VPSes. :/
Avatar PieIsCool
04 Jul 2013 19:06
In reply to jsa005
Avatar PieIsCool
16 Jun 2013 16:36
link dose not work
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