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DSearch - Google with a twist!


Avatar Tomthesk8r
11 Oct 2017 01:50
ded link
Avatar fordcars
11 Jul 2013 06:27
Wow you made that? Sweet!
Avatar s.lee.f
08 Jul 2013 19:44
its good but it needs image search and should be able to resize the image so it fits on ds screen and the links should try to go to their mobile sites so pages load quicker
Avatar jsa005
08 Jul 2013 20:28
In reply to s.lee.f
Image search is coming soon ;)
Avatar atreyufan1500
05 Jul 2013 17:03
I tried it and literally nothing happened when I tapped Go.
Avatar jsa005
05 Jul 2013 21:06
In reply to atreyufan1500
Oh. Oops! The form doesn't post to the search page. I'll fix it.
Avatar atreyufan1500
05 Jul 2013 21:12
In reply to jsa005
Oh ok!
Avatar star wars
05 Jul 2013 15:54
... Catchable fatal error: Object of class DuckDuckGoZeroClickInfo could not be converted to string in /home/joshk005/public_html/stuff/dsearch/web.php on line 81

Why cant "derp" be searched? XD
Avatar jsa005
05 Jul 2013 21:06
In reply to star wars
Ah, poo. I thought I fixed that. Oh well. .-.
Avatar Luisjo96
05 Jul 2013 14:26
Wow, google for nintendo dsi.
Totally didnt see that coming.
Avatar HullBreach
05 Jul 2013 10:22
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