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Avatar princcce7
14 Sep 2013 03:10
I don't wanna gain the whole world,
and lose my soul~♪
Avatar HullBreach
31 Aug 2013 10:46
Aw, the "psycheck" has been removed from the blog.
Avatar LinkZelda
31 Aug 2013 14:18
In reply to HullBreach
That's because I'm evil. Haha
Avatar HullBreach
31 Aug 2013 16:10
In reply to LinkZelda
Your psycheck must be strong.
Avatar inSein
30 Aug 2013 19:51
Poor robotic people. Show me your ways.
Avatar HullBreach
30 Aug 2013 17:49
What is "psycheck", and how do I learn to do it?
Avatar Samurai Bob
31 Aug 2013 04:19
In reply to HullBreach
It's like an ATM for your mind.
Avatar FireEmblem123
30 Aug 2013 19:14
In reply to HullBreach
Yes, teach me
Avatar Lizzie14
30 Aug 2013 13:28
Nice :]
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