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Creating/Expanding an Object - Java Script


12 Sep 2013 15:30
C#/C++ > Java/Java Script
Avatar Luisjo96
12 Sep 2013 04:19
You and your weird japanese stuff .-.
Avatar fordcars
12 Sep 2013 04:02
Avatar NillocSkywalker
12 Sep 2013 03:34
Uuuhhhmmmm.... This is a confusing way to explain Java Script. I just did the first unit of Java Script on Codecademy.com , it's a much easier, interactive way.

Just sayin'
Avatar lilwayne1556
12 Sep 2013 03:38
In reply to NillocSkywalker
This is an advanced tutorial. It's expected you know the basics first. There are tons of Java Script tutorials but not a lot of advanced ones. You will understand this someday.
Avatar TacoRocco
12 Sep 2013 03:01
Stahp, no hablo Java!
Avatar lilwayne1556
12 Sep 2013 03:02
In reply to TacoRocco
Java Script* I no hablo Java either.
Avatar TacoRocco
12 Sep 2013 13:39
In reply to lilwayne1556
I said Java because I know that you can't say java script in chat at least.
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