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Nintendo 3DS YouTube app trick: browse the web!


Avatar nakashiAharo
21 Dec 2013 06:42
Cleverbot works decently with this
Avatar FancyPants
08 Dec 2013 04:55
So, if I use this trick to go on a different site that can display videos, would it work?
Avatar jsa005
08 Dec 2013 12:54
In reply to FancyPants
It should work, as long as the video is a) encoded in the H.264 video format and b) displayed using the HTML5 video tag.
Avatar jsa005
30 Nov 2013 22:21
I'm currently running some packet-sniffing, for some reason it's all HTTPS-encrypted.
Avatar jsa005
01 Dec 2013 01:17
In reply to jsa005
Even when going to 3DSPaint, etc Fiddler2 hasn't picked up on anything, only a few closed HTTPS tunnels. I'm intrigued...
Avatar GuitarGodAnth
01 Dec 2013 06:27
In reply to jsa005
Have a look at how it talks to Google Search which uses https, would love to see what's going on.
Avatar jsa005
01 Dec 2013 08:38
In reply to GuitarGodAnth
Like I said, I'm only seeing some .nintendwifi.net closed HTTPS tunnels. I tried decrypting them using Fiddler, but my 2DS rejects Fiddler's certificate.
Avatar GuitarGodAnth
30 Nov 2013 19:27
I think this may confirm what I wrote in my blog that the app is running chromium.
Avatar jsa005
30 Nov 2013 19:42
In reply to GuitarGodAnth
It's running NetFront, try checking the user agent on a website.
Avatar GuitarGodAnth
30 Nov 2013 20:02
In reply to jsa005
Thanks for the clarification
Avatar star wars
30 Nov 2013 19:26
I found this out yesterday. But I was going about it in a wierder way. On the about section on my youtube account I created a link to my site and then used the app searched my username and got to my site.

Although I was unable to successfully play a video from my site :/
Avatar jsa005
30 Nov 2013 19:42
In reply to star wars
Yeah, there are a few other ways to go about using the web on it.
Avatar star wars
30 Nov 2013 19:58
In reply to jsa005
So far from what im seeing the window variable is doesn't support pretty much anything, no events, alert, prompt, and a lot of it is nulled out or its implemented but you cant use it :/
Avatar monstercat
30 Nov 2013 17:19
Very nice find. Just shows how no effort was put into the application.
Avatar lilwayne1556
30 Nov 2013 17:00
Just confirmed that HTML5 video does work on other sites and it will play like YouTube does now.
Avatar jsa005
30 Nov 2013 18:49
In reply to lilwayne1556
I tested that, yes it does work. Going to get started on reverse-engineering it soon. In more depth. I was using my 2DS for the YouTube app and taking notes and changing code on my DSi. Still going strong after four years
Avatar Luisjo96
30 Nov 2013 16:20
Lawl i noticed this when i was signing in but i didnt pay attention to it.
Avatar HullBreach
30 Nov 2013 16:15
If it hadn't been for your little piece of info at the bottom of the blog, I would've said that there was nothing special about browsing the Web on an app that just uses the 3DS's browser with some extensions. The ability to open up the HTML5 video tag is interesting, though. It would be nice if this tag just made its way into the general browser.
Avatar monstercat
30 Nov 2013 17:39
In reply to HullBreach
Considering the browser can run when applications are suspended in the background taking RAM, I doubt this will come underway. It is a shame that the hardware on the 3DS is way too limited.
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