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The Snow Is Killer


Avatar monstercat
04 Feb 2014 00:38
Avatar PopperMan99
04 Feb 2014 00:34
I had to -1 this. The reason is I have noticed that the good old 'Kid Friendly' Blog section has gotten quite 'Hey Kids Lets Talk About Violent Things'. I mean, I disagree with the myth that kids being exposed to violence become serial killers, but come ON.
Avatar TacoRocco
06 Feb 2014 05:18
In reply to PopperMan99
The world is just full of Candy, Unicorns, and god damn Rainbows. Welcome to the real world. It's a violent place, you can't simply avoid violence.
Avatar Asparagus
04 Feb 2014 05:30
In reply to PopperMan99
I had to -1 this. The reason is that, while there are a few violent blogs, people can kind of create whatever they want, especially when it's a relatively creative idea.

I wouldn't say these 'violent stories' are necessarily unsafe for kids.
Avatar Waffle King
03 Feb 2014 21:56
This reminds me of that one time I got chili from that sub place in the Target plaza.
Avatar monstercat
04 Feb 2014 00:43
In reply to Waffle King
Avatar Icarus
03 Feb 2014 21:24
Niiiice! *claps*
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