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When Carrots Attack


Avatar Raisons du Coeur
06 Nov 2014 02:37
Mastered tailoring, smithing, and mining<3

I know people are probably more drawn in by the combat classes, but to me it feels like the crafting classes have more to offer since you can do the fighting in any class anyway.
Avatar Axel3000
05 Nov 2014 11:08
Mercenary FTW.
Avatar epic justin
05 Nov 2014 07:18
This game was amazing! It just so happens i beat the main story today, and now im EXP grinding to lv 50 so i can do the DLC story! ^^ Nice review +1
Avatar atreyufan1500
05 Nov 2014 17:59
In reply to epic justin
How long did it take to beat the storyline?
Avatar epic justin
05 Nov 2014 19:21
In reply to atreyufan1500
It took me a good twelve hours, but thats because me and my friend played multiplayer first, so when i started, i already was level twenty-nine. But overall, the story is kinda slow, especially when you need to do the butterfly request mission's to advance the story.
Avatar atreyufan1500
05 Nov 2014 23:53
In reply to epic justin
Yup. I love the carrottys though
Avatar epic justin
06 Nov 2014 00:54
In reply to atreyufan1500
Yeah xD those things were funny.
Avatar Waffle King
05 Nov 2014 06:16
Still playing it, was going to finish it before reviewing. Mercenary Adept, Cook Adept, Miner Adept, and Fisherman Adept. Around Level 20-ish, want to level up more jobs before I actually progress the story further.
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