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WRITERS NEEDED for a new digital Nintendo magazine, coming soon!


Avatar lolgal75
25 Jan 2015 13:33
can i do the "Mario Games" section?
Avatar jsa005
25 Jan 2015 19:47
In reply to lolgal75
It's not really split into sections, but you can review Mario games.
Avatar lolgal75
24 Jan 2015 17:20
i would love to but i might not have frequent updates. email me at lolgal75@gmail.com. thx!
Avatar jsa005
25 Jan 2015 11:36
In reply to lolgal75
That doesn't really matter, there are other people writing as well.

By the time you read this I'll probably have emailed you; if not my address is up there. (squashua.kelly@gmail.com)
Avatar RubyGem1121
16 Jan 2015 23:09
... (Reviewing? sounds bad for me).
Nah. My grammar is terrible and Obviously there's no other jobs.

To Be Frank, I no write no more.

(Thanks to this website).
Avatar jsa005
17 Jan 2015 09:35
In reply to RubyGem1121
Do you consider yourself something of an artist? We could do with some design...
Avatar DaChosenUno
16 Jan 2015 14:36
I want in! I'll email you by the end of today!
Avatar jsa005
16 Jan 2015 19:23
In reply to DaChosenUno
Avatar TacoRocco
16 Jan 2015 04:47
Sounds interesting. I'd like to help, but don't know if I can really commit. Can you provide more information about the actual job itself? I'm sure it is volunteer, but approximately how many articles would we have to contribute each month or how many a year? Are you publishing this magazine for profit?
Avatar jsa005
16 Jan 2015 13:03
In reply to TacoRocco
There's not much of a commitment, just contribute what you want. It is a volunteer job. I don't intend to make profit from this, though I might run ads if I move to paid hosting to cover the costs. I might print a few copies of the PDF each month and sign them, maybe as a donation gift? (Donations would be to cover hosting costs and to buy games to review at the start, until Nintendo starts sending us some.)
Avatar monstercat
16 Jan 2015 02:40
Very interesting.

Best of luck.
Avatar Star Shadow
16 Jan 2015 00:46
I would recommend a mobile site to reach out to 3DS users. It could help increase traffic. I put m. after that site and I don't know what did I just see but it doesn't look like a mobile site.
Avatar jsa005
16 Jan 2015 12:58
In reply to Star Shadow
That's high up on my list, actually.

NONM is hosted on my personal VPS, and I forgot to route *.nonm.co.uk to the NONM website, so you saw the main website, which is my blog. (https://squashua.uk.to/)
Avatar AlphaTr1force
15 Jan 2015 21:29
SDKs version of Nintendo Power sounds good to me.
Avatar jsa005
16 Jan 2015 12:56
In reply to AlphaTr1force
Pretty much, although it will probably only be loosely linked with SDK, if at all.
Avatar Rlad116
15 Jan 2015 18:44
I looked at the preview of the site and it looks good so far

I'd like to help, but I don't have the money to buy any games that are of recent, also seeing as that I don't have a working 3ds right now either. But once I get that fixed I'd like to help.
Avatar jsa005
16 Jan 2015 12:55
In reply to Rlad116
Thanks for your offer.
You're welcome to join when you're ready.
You could also do some retro reviews, eg, Virtual Console, NES, GBA, etc. etc.
Avatar Rlad116
16 Jan 2015 13:39
In reply to jsa005
Wii perhaps? Maybe even DS or Gameboy Advance... Yeah, I'll do it then, I'll send you an email.
Avatar jsa005
16 Jan 2015 19:23
In reply to Rlad116
Any Nintendo system, even Virtual Boy lol
Avatar Waffle King
15 Jan 2015 18:03
Thanks for the offer, I'm flattered you immediately thought of me. But I'm not from the UK.

Would I get paid for this? If the pay is decent, I'd even eat crumpets just to fit in. <3
Avatar jsa005
15 Jan 2015 18:28
In reply to Waffle King
Even if you're not from the UK, you can be our American correspondent.

You get paid in imaginary currency.
Avatar Waffle King
15 Jan 2015 18:53
In reply to jsa005
Hey, even if it's just free review copies of games, I'm waaaaay in.
Avatar jsa005
16 Jan 2015 12:53
In reply to Waffle King
Nintendo said we need a reasonably sized readership before they can send us review copies... Also, idk if they'll send you a copy b/c I'm not registered w/ NoA... Should do that at some point, actually.
Avatar Waffle King
16 Jan 2015 16:53
In reply to jsa005
Lol, well regardless, "writing for an Unofficial Nintendo Magazine" sounds a lot better than "writing for a kids' site where they don't like my blogs because I say poop and that's a bad word."

If your magazine features less censorship of my jokes, I'm in.
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