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Frost Mage 6.2


Avatar Finrod
01 Oct 2015 21:30
W.O.W is just wow!
Avatar Haruspex
01 Oct 2015 21:13
Is this for PvP or PvE, because your talents are kinda...weird for both.

Evanesce is the main talent for both PvP and PvE because it replaces Ice Block, which for both PvE and PvP is a godsend on the healers, and the 1.5 second speed buff does not outrun projectiles, even with a Blink afterwards.

Alter Time is the chosen talent here due to a full heal if you time it right, Ice Barrier is great if you are questing, or leveling, but in a PvP match or a boss fight, returning to where you are at full health is better, than shielding you for a few seconds, then dying when it wears off.

Ring of Frost is fine, as is Cold Snap.

You want Frost Bomb in both situations because, Frost Bomb debuffs your target for 12 seconds. The debuff causes your Ice Lances that benefit from Shatter Icon Shatter (because the target is frozen or you have a charge of Fingers of Frost) to deal additional damage to the target and some damage to all enemies within 10 yards.

The rest of the build is fine. Just those few things are wonky.

Other than that, this blog and guide is pretty good, for a nub.
Avatar Star Shadow
02 Oct 2015 02:43
In reply to Haruspex
It's mostly pvp. Not sure about pve thought but it could work.

Evanesce is weak. 3 second immunity from damage isn't very good compared to Ice Block. It's only useful if you want to avoid 1 spell against you then what do you do after those 3 seconds? Not only that, Regenerative Ice doesn't work with Evanesce so you lose out on heals. Blazing Speed is better because it can get you away from melee, mobs, or fires when Blink is on cooldown. I'm not sure if there are raids where you need high mobility but Blazing Speed is the better choice.

I have dispelled Alter Time many times before as a Shadow Priest. Basically 1 dispel can make Alter Time completely useless. It's situational yes but what if you need to run away from the enemy and you end up going back where you casted Alter Time? True, Alter Time does require perfect timing to use it but I find Ice Barrier more useful since I can absorb DoTs and it doesn't pull me back where I cast Alter Time.

Let me tell you a story. A marksman hunter in full tier 18 gear plus legendary ring kept slaughtering my teammates in Ashran. Can you imagine an instant Aimed Shot, 25% damage increase from the ring, 1000 additional agility from potion, and 30% from Lone Wolf? 100Ks hitting us right in the face. At one point, this hunter tried to ambush me by doing that. I Ice Blocked and waited for his burst to be over. I use a Frozen Orb to get a Fingers of Frost then Deep Freeze + Comet Storm him. He Deterrence but came back with half his health to try to finish me off. I hid behind a rock to line out of sight him then got an opening to use Ice Nova then another Deep Freeze + Comet Storm to finish him off. Now while you're trying to get Fingers of Frost and putting a Frost Bomb on him, he would have finished you off before you get a chance to get a Fingers of Frost.
Avatar monstercat
01 Oct 2015 00:12
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