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Saving The World-Chapter 3
Avatar By zEndayA5678
Posted 09 Jan 2016 19:34
Bumped 08 Aug 2018 03:38
Category: Short Story
CHAPTER 3- Hide The Wings
Whooo, It was so good to be flying.
Out of nowhere, I crashed into a tree and hit my head. Ouch! "I guess I'll just head inside and have breakfast," I think out loud, folding my wings back into my jacket.

"Zen, where were you?" Mom asks, setting down some breakfast for me and her.

"Um," I hesitate. "Umm... Just outside doing something." I reply.
I sit down and start eating, not looking at Mom.

That's when Mom said,”Zen, take your jacket off. It’s too hot to wear that right now.” She got up reached her hand torward my jacket, trying to take it off.
"No!" I said, then she backs away and looks at me strangely.
"Uhh.. I mean.. No, I don't want to take it off, it's cold in here..." I said, fixing my jacket again.
"Uh..Okay.." Mom says. Then she continues to eat.
After I finish my food, I walk into my room, and sit on my bed, trying to not freak out.
Tomorrow I start school, and people are going to think I'm crazy, unless I act normal.
I sigh, looking out the window.
Tomorrow is going to be awfully crazy.
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Avatar banjo2
08 Aug 2018 18:32
Avatar oswaldo123
08 Aug 2018 06:11
This is some good stuff
Avatar zEndayA5678
08 Aug 2018 19:21
In reply to oswaldo123
T h a n k
y o u
Avatar Rainbow51743
10 Jan 2016 05:31
I can't handle all the cliff hangers Dx Great story so far
Avatar FiNrOd
10 Jan 2016 01:45
Reminds me of the "Maximum Ride" series.
Avatar Monstercat
09 Jan 2016 20:39
Avatar FiNrOd
10 Jan 2016 01:46
In reply to Monstercat
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