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[Release] 3DSearch - a search engine designed for the 3DS


Avatar HefMan4
16 May 2016 06:00
It uses bing pls no...
Avatar Finrod
04 May 2016 02:25
Google is still better
Avatar monstercat
03 May 2016 17:59
it uses bing

no thanks
Avatar jsa005
03 May 2016 18:52
In reply to monstercat
lol. bing works well though, they've improved their algorithms
Avatar monstercat
04 May 2016 18:21
In reply to jsa005
work on your news site instead boyo
Avatar jsa005
04 May 2016 18:23
In reply to monstercat
well that has been reincarnated as lordwaffleking.com (in development atm) as he was my main writer anyways
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