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A kind of brief intro into the Warcraft series
Avatar By Star Shadow
Posted 20 Jun 2016 04:47
Bumped 13 Apr 2018 13:12
Category: Miscellaneous
Many of you have heard that the Warcraft movie is out and most of you probably have no idea what the Warcraft series is like. You might be wondering if the Warcraft movie is any good. Sadly, I cannot say anything as I have yet to see the movie. However, I do know the plot and the lore behind the movie. But what about those who have never touched the Warcraft series? Is the movie any good for them? I can't answer that. I have heard mixed reviews from people who have never touched the Warcraft series and overall positive reviews from people that have touched the Warcraft series. Does that mean the movie is only good for those who have played the games? Not necessarily but, the movie could be more enjoyable if you have some experiences with the series. The purpose of this blog is help those who are new to Warcraft understand what the series is about. I'll try my best not to put any movie
(see what I did there?)
s but what I will talk about is a bit of a prelude to the movie.

Locations and Settings

The Warcraft series takes place in 2 different planets/worlds: Draenor and Azeroth.
Azeroth and Draenor:

Ignore Outlands. That's Draenor after it explodes.

The Warcraft movie takes place in Azeroth, more specifically the Eastern Kingdoms.


Eastern Kingdoms:


There are 2 mains sides of the Warcraft series: The Humans of the Alliance and The Orcish Horde.

Orcish Horde on the left, Human Alliance on the right.

The Humans of the Alliance are native to the Eastern Kingdoms. They are composed of 7 kingdoms. I won't list them as to not complicate things but the Warcraft movie mainly focuses on the Kingdom of Stormwind.

The Orcs of the Horde are not native to Azeroth. They come from Draenor. Unlike human kingdoms, Orcs have clans. I won't list them either, there's many clans, and ultimately they were united in the Warcraft movie. There is 1 important thing to know about the Orcs: They're belligerent. Orc culture is all about being warriors, battles, and war. Despite this, most clans live relatively at peace with each other.

So, which side is the protagonist and the antagonist? The answer is neither. The very main antagonist of the Warcraft series is the Burning Legion. What is the Burning Legion? Basically, they're space demons that want to destroy all planets/worlds in the Warcraft universe. Why? Because they feed on chaos to survive. They have destroyed many worlds but have yet to conquer Azeroth. In fact, the Burning Legion failed to destroy Azeroth twice so far. The Burning Legion uses a type of magical substance called fel. Fel corrupts all life and turns them into demonic beings. If you have ever played Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, fel is just like phazon but green.

The Burning Legion

There is one last set of characters I need to mention. The Draenei. As some players call them, they are purple to bluish skinned space goats.

The Draenei

Their homeworld is not Azeroth or Draenor but Argus. Argus fell to the Burning Legion and is now the Burning Legion's home. Back on Argus, the Draenei had 3 leaders, 2 of which betrayed their kind for the power the Legion offered. The remaining Draenei fled from the Legion to many different planets and eventually Draenor. At some point, the Legion found them and instead of personally attacking them, they though of using the Orcs to kill the Draenei for them. So, the Legion contacted one of the Orcs and told the orc that the Draenei were plotting against them (which is not true as the Draenei are peaceful).

The orc united all the clans together and attacked the Draenei. But before they attacked the Draenei, some orcs consumed fel to make them stronger and more savage. Remember how I said fel corrupts life? It really made the orcs bloodthirsty. Most of the Draenei on Draenor were killed and the Legion and the orcs thought all of them were wiped out but a few Draenei escaped to Azeroth at some point
(and sided with the Alliance much later)

With the Draenei seemingly eliminated, the orcs had nothing to fight against except each other and the fel did corrupt them and the lands of Draenor. At some point, the Legion thought of using the orcs to conquering Azeroth. Azeroth was full of uncorrupted resources and humans to fight against. An orc named Gul'dan worked with the Legion into building the Dark Portal, a bridge between Draenor and Azeroth.

The Dark Portal from Draenor's side

This is where I must stop as the Warcraft movie will explain what happens next. I do hope this will give you guys some interest in seeing the movie and maybe eventually getting into the game. I should note that the movie is little different from the official lore but the plot overall is similar. If you have any Warcraft series related question, just talk to me or Haru. I also do recommend watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXiGt2PxoNg. For 3DS on the app, search "warcraft orcs and humans cinematics". It's the first video. This is the first game of the series that's tied to the movie. Don't worry. There's not much of movie spoiler and it will help you understand the movie a little better.

One last thing:
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Avatar GEMini GUARDian
14 Apr 2018 12:48
Huh, I'm actually wanting to watch the movie now..
Avatar HefMan4
26 Jun 2016 06:54
Wow so much detail! I saw this movie on the day it came out but there were some things in this blog that I didn't know lol...(I thought I was a nerd). The movie was one of the best I've ever seen the hype was so real, the battles and CGI were amazing (like imagine they had to do CGI I'm every single weapon in every battle...) and the plot mostly followed the original lore. In my opinion I would rate this movie IGN 11/10
Avatar marioumarios400
21 Jun 2016 20:44
nice info ty
Avatar FiNrOd
20 Jun 2016 18:31
The amount of information in here is godly
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