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How the Internet works (explained simply)


Avatar ianoliver604
13 Jul 2016 17:57
I know how dial-up works.

Your computer screams at the phone for a minute, the phone screams back, and a magical connection is made.
Avatar Thi500
05 Jul 2016 19:12
In other words, majik.
Avatar jsa005
05 Jul 2016 19:48
In reply to Thi500
Yup. A wizard did it.
Avatar Thi500
05 Jul 2016 19:56
In reply to jsa005
You're a wizard, Jsa.
Avatar jsa005
05 Jul 2016 21:14
In reply to Thi500

I'm actually currently writing a two-factor authentication homebrew app for the 3DS. (Like Google Authenticator. In fact, compatible with sites that use Google Authenticator)
Avatar Thi500
06 Jul 2016 03:13
In reply to jsa005
That sounds cool
Avatar HullBreach
05 Jul 2016 11:28
One of the reasons IPv4 addresses have become so scarce is because when the Internet was invented in 'Merica (for military purposes, originally) and shifted to commercial use, some of the large tech companies gobbled up entire blocks of addresses. It wasn't known at that time period what would eventually come of this new-fangled contraption known as the Internet, but Apple (17.x.x.x), General Electric (3.x.x.x), IBM (9.x.x.x), and others, saw a use for it. Theoretically, they each have 16,777,216 IP addresses.
Avatar jsa005
05 Jul 2016 14:42
In reply to HullBreach
Apple and IBM I can understand (mostly), but why would GE need nearly 17m IP addresses?

Mind you, I have 18.45 quintillion so I can't really talk.
Avatar Finrod
05 Jul 2016 00:44
Avatar jsa005
05 Jul 2016 07:07
In reply to Finrod
You got me; it's really run by hyperactive chipmunks in a secret bunker on the moon.
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