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Annoy jsa, just 'cause


Avatar redflarezZ
08 Jul 2016 19:52
Hehe I has a new 3ds

Avatar Star Shadow
07 Jul 2016 21:56
You're lucky it doesn't work on the 3DS otherwise you would be hearing that sound throughout your entire computer session.
Avatar jsa005
08 Jul 2016 06:13
In reply to Star Shadow
Erm... it does... (It should work on literally any browser.)

I just don't have my PC on at 11pm lol
Avatar Star Shadow
08 Jul 2016 06:47
In reply to jsa005
Not counting the New 3DS. Seriously. Not everyone has a New 3DS.
Avatar jsa005
08 Jul 2016 16:16
In reply to Star Shadow
Nope, it even works on DSi
Avatar ZENdaya5678
07 Jul 2016 03:45
Avatar Finrod
06 Jul 2016 22:06
A lie the whole thing is an error
Avatar jsa005
06 Jul 2016 22:13
In reply to Finrod
You were 3 minutes too late, I'm going to bed and had literally just turned my PC off.
Avatar Finrod
06 Jul 2016 22:33
In reply to jsa005
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