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PFP Changer: Change your profile picture with ease!
Avatar By jsa005
Posted 15 Aug 2016 08:21
Category: Miscellaneous
So, I was gonna wait until Monday to release this officially but since Finny's already written an awesome blog about it (go check it out if you haven't already) and it's basically an open secret around here now...



In four simple steps you can change your DSiPaint/3DSPaint profile picture to any picture from the internet (and soon you'll be able to upload one, too!)

The PFP Changer handles everything but the actual change - you still need to go to 'My Settings' to do that, for technical reasons.

However, you don't need to worry about resizing, image formats, fancy encoding, session cookies or anything like that.

A few members (myself included) have been beta-testing this and I've had nothing but positive feedback.

Shoutouts go to: FiNrOd, PieIsCool, Zendaya5678, Antleon, RyuHoshi781 and undoubtedly more, as it spread around quite quickly.

Try it for yourself: Click here to begin!

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Avatar banjo2
21 Jul 2018 02:31
bump this already lol
Avatar Mega-Raichu
24 Jun 2017 00:02
Awesome, dude!
Avatar Kangaroo021
21 Aug 2016 06:05
Avatar LaZerWoLF
15 Aug 2016 17:03
Avatar Nin10doh98
15 Aug 2016 08:01

I don't have to draw anymore.
Avatar KylennR
15 Aug 2016 03:32
I want to unfeature this
Avatar ZenDaya5678
16 Aug 2016 23:55
In reply to KylennR
:c why?
Avatar KylennR
17 Aug 2016 01:09
In reply to ZenDaya5678
Avatar ZenDaya5678
17 Aug 2016 04:41
In reply to KylennR
Lol I know
Avatar Monstercat
13 Aug 2016 22:24
ooooo thank you so much i've been wanting to do this since like 2010 smh hull step it up
Avatar jsa005
13 Aug 2016 22:25
In reply to Monstercat
I made this in 2011 as well but hull patched it :3
Avatar PieIsCool
16 Aug 2016 00:19
In reply to jsa005
cause n00bs got in the way
Avatar Monstercat
13 Aug 2016 22:26
In reply to jsa005
hull is simply the worst
Avatar jsa005
13 Aug 2016 22:27
In reply to Monstercat
10000000/3495 quality observation
Avatar FiNrOd
14 Aug 2016 00:27
In reply to jsa005
Stealin my ratings
Avatar Star Shadow
13 Aug 2016 20:59
Are you sure your authenticator isn't a cookie stealer or something?
Avatar jsa005
13 Aug 2016 21:48
In reply to Star Shadow
No, definitely not sure it's not a cookie stealer

. . .

Avatar jsa005
13 Aug 2016 21:48
In reply to jsa005
Tbh, if it was though, the most it could steal would be your temporary session ID which expires when you logout / reopen your browser, lol.
Avatar Divine Crusader
13 Aug 2016 22:03
In reply to jsa005
Lol, cookie stealer.. Jsa has access to your camera too now D:
Avatar jsa005
13 Aug 2016 22:05
In reply to Divine Crusader
Sshhhhhhhh people aren't supposed to know that
Avatar ZenDaya5678
17 Aug 2016 04:43
In reply to jsa005
Avatar jsa005
17 Aug 2016 16:55
In reply to ZenDaya5678
Avatar RyuHoshi781
13 Aug 2016 15:29
nice 10/10
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