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I'm leaving for a while.


Avatar Thi500
05 Sep 2016 18:34
Why must you kill this site?
Avatar Finrod
04 Sep 2016 04:47
The littler the be-
17 Jan 2017 03:58
In reply to Finrod
Fugging **** XD
Avatar Finrod
17 Jan 2017 14:14
In reply to Formatted
He's back tho.
Avatar RyuHoshi781
17 Jan 2017 22:35
In reply to Finrod
lowkey im ded
Avatar Finrod
18 Jan 2017 14:15
In reply to RyuHoshi781
Highkey ur alive.
Avatar RyuHoshi781
18 Jan 2017 21:11
In reply to Finrod
leftkey i dunno
Avatar Finrod
30 Aug 2017 16:57
In reply to RyuHoshi781
Rightkey your dead again.
Avatar RyuHoshi781
30 Aug 2017 22:00
In reply to Finrod
keykey i aint
Avatar RVaL74
03 Sep 2016 08:55
That's pretty much what I do now lol.
I'm not missed.
Avatar Antleon
02 Sep 2016 23:16
Avatar redflarezZ
02 Sep 2016 12:37
We'll miss you while you're gone...
Avatar Waffle King
01 Sep 2016 20:43
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